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Meet Dr. Paul Thompson, President

A Missouri native, Dr. Thompson graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Medical School in 1981 and completed his residency in urology and earned a chief residency position at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. In 1988 Dr. Thompson took a position with Urology Associates of Cape Girardeau in Missouri where he practiced for twenty years. At Southeast Missouri Hospital he served as head of the Credential Committee, Chief of Surgery and Chief of Staff.

Dr. Thompson in his forties developed some disturbing changes in his health and elected to go through an age management program that changed his life both physically and professionally. He completed an extensive training program, was awarded a certificate in Age Management Medicine, and has gone on to be a leader in this field of medicine. Dr. Thompson is one of the authors for the certifying exam in this growing field of medicine, has written a chapter in a text book, lectured across the country and has appeared multiple times on national news shows as an expert in the field of Age Management. He has practiced in this field for the last 10 years and opened The Thompson Clinic in 2015 so that he can extend this unique type of medicine, guidance and care to others nationwide.


About The Thompson Clinic

Dr. Thompson's Healthy Living (aka. Age Management) Medicine involves a doctor-patient team utilizing alternative, evidence-based medicines, bio-identical hormones, Dr. Thompson’s own high-quality supplements, and exercise and nutrition plans that are customized to each patient to promote a healthy body, a healthy mind, less reliance on traditional medicines, and to increase and improve our quantity and quality of life.

The first step in Dr. Thompson's Healthy Living Medicine is extensive research so that we can ensure every patient’s care is tailored to their specific needs. Dr. Thompson collects in depth information about a patient's health utilizing tests on genetics, blood, physical condition, body composition, and more. Dr. Thompson also gathers information about current lifestyle practices and daily stressors to pinpoint what the patient is susceptible to or currently suffering from. With this information, Dr. Thompson creates a unique plan to help the patient avoid illnesses and reverse any conditions damaging the patient's lifestyle and possibly shortening life span.

In the pictures below one of Dr. Thompson's patients lost 117 lbs., dropping his weight from 326lbs to 209 lbs. The final image has the patient and his wife in a pair of the patient's old pants.