GE Lunar Prodigy DXA Scanner

GE Lunar Prodigy


Body composition by DXA the “gold standard”

Body composition scans with DXA provide precise and accurate data on tissue composition, including lean mass and fat mass. The measurements are fast and non invasive, routinely the scan is completed in 10 minutes or less. Scans provide both total body data and regional results.
Men and women tend to develop an increase in abdominal (android) fat.  Android fat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Better than a scale

Accurate measurement of body composition provides valuable information for assessing and monitoring the progress of nutrition and exercise interventions. THE DXA is the only method that accurately determines how fat is distributed.
Monitoring weight is, at best, a crude and imprecise way to monitor progress. Other devices including scales, calipers, impedance devises and BMI are of little to no value.
Many people lose as much or more muscle than fat when trying to lose weight, especially if resistance training is not part of their routine. DXA can accurately determine the fat and muscle changes that occur with weight loss interventions allowing for modifications in nutrient ratios and exercise routines.

Bone Density
Ostenopenia (low bone density) and osteoporosis (very low bone density) increase the risk of fractures. Low bone density is not just a woman’s problem. Many men have low bone density as well. While hip fractures are not as common in men, the mortality after a hip fracture is roughly 20% compared to 7.5% in women.
Body Composition
Your body composition is accurately determined using state of the art Other methods such as measuring fat folds, bio-impedance scales or hand held

Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT)
CIMT is an FDA-approved noninvasive, advanced ultrasound evaluation of the carotid arteries. This evaluation allows for detection of any existing plaque, and provides for a precise measurement of the thickness of the artery wall. Thickening of the artery wall is a sign of developing vascular disease and is directly related to your risk of heart attack, not just stroke and erectile dysfunction. CIMT  allows for proactive strategies to reduce your risk for these  problemss. Visit for more information about CIMT