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US PulseWave

The Male Tune-Up

Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t happen overnight. ED is a gradual decline that can start sneaking up on you as early as in your twenties. PIlls, pumps, and injections all just mask the symptoms and help you learn to cope with this condition that affects all men at some point in their life. Here at The Thompson Clinic we believe in solutions and treatments that fix the actual problem, which is why Dr. Thompson decided to offer US PulseWave treatments so that our patients can beat ED.

How Does US PulseWave Work?

US PulseWave uses Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy to deliver low intensity sound waves that help repair and grow more blood vessels and nerves, which increases blood flow and enhances sensitivity.

What Can I Expect from US PulseWave?

US PulseWave is a non-invasive, drug-free, safe and discreet 20 minute long procedure with long-lasting, natural results.

  • Improved Sexual Performance

  • Stronger, Harder, & More Sustainable Erections

  • Faster Recovery Time

  • More Naturally-Occurring Erections

Whether it be because you’re tired of using those expensive ED pills or you just want to tune-up your sexual performance, US PulseWave is the perfect solution to your ED woes.

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