PulseWave: The Male Sexual Performance Tune-Up

Did you know that as many as 20% of 20-year-old men are having problems in the bedroom? What about that 30% of 30 year olds, 40% of 40 year olds, and 50% of 50 year olds suffer from erectile dysfunction in some form or fashion. ED doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual decline until one day you realize after scrambling to get a rush Viagra refill before an important date that you need help.

Pills, injections, and pumps all just mask the symptoms and are only temporary. Here at The Thompson Clinic, we don’t want our patients to have to learn to cope with their symptoms but to instead fix the actual problem that causes these symptoms. That is why I chose to introduce the U.S. PulseWave with its Extracorporeal Shock Wave technology to my patients.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy has been used since the 1970s to treat kidney stones, nonhealing ulcers, and other orthopedic maladies. However, when we tune these shock waves down to a lower energy pulse, these low energy shock waves regrow blood vessels! More blood vessels = more blood flow, which in turn means a happier, more satisfied you.

We deliver the U.S. PulseWave over 6 treatments that only take about 20 minutes each. That means you can stop in during your lunch break then return to work and go about your day normally after. After these 6 treatments some patients will return for a single maintenance treatment once or twice a year and others are satisfied with their results and don’t have to return at all. Everyone’s body is different and so we treat every body different and cater this treatment to you.

Still not convinced the U.S. PulseWave can change your life? Watch my YouTube video on this topic at the link below or shoot us your questions and someone from our office will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to helping you!

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