Healthy Halloween Tips To Help You Avoid a Scare at the Scale

  1. Dark Chocolate = the Right Chocolate
    I've said this before and I’ll say it again; dark chocolate has more nutrients than other chocolates. It's definitely okay to add some almonds as well. We still must limit the amount, but you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get good nutrition at the same time.

  2. Go Trick or Treating
    In many cases one parent stays home...don’t do that. The exercise certainly won’t hurt you and even more important, you won’t be left alone in a home with treats screaming at you to eat them. So go trick or treating with your kids. Many of us convince ourselves “if no one sees you eat it then it doesn’t count”. Remove yourself from the temptation and go!

  3. Timing is Everything  
    Don’t bring candy into the house October 1st and have it sitting out. That’s too much temptation for you to handle, much less your children. This is an excellent time to talk with your children and teach them about good food choices. We are faced with an epidemic of childhood obesity, time for mom and dad to start leading by example.

  4. The Sweet Treat – Giveaway Leftovers
    Make it a tradition in your house that a few days after Halloween you grab all the candy you have left and give it away to a local charity for children or the homeless. They deserve Halloween treats as well. On top of it all, you will get the candy out of your house.

  5. Get Back on Schedule:
    The party is over; get back to your routine of exercising and eating correctly and this scary night will pass without a trace — or an inch!