How to Avoid the Health Risks of Your Everyday Makeup

Makeup Vacation
Take a “makeup vacation” every few days. Give your face, and skin, a rest. A good trainer will remind you to take one or two days off from exercise a week, your skin is no different.

Don’t Milk Your Makeup
Watch expiration dates and throw it out when it expires. Expired makeup is not only less useful, it is more dangerous.
Would you drink expired milk?

It’s Bad to Share
Don’t share your makeup! It's bad enough that it may have toxins in it, you don’t want to add viruses and bacteria from others. So many of the tools used to apply makeup are made with the goal of saving or utilizing the most of the product you are applying. That means they have the capacity to save the toxins your best girlfriend may have.

You Get What You Pay For
Use the highest quality makeup you can afford and look for documentation of testing of ingredients

Bathroom isn’t Your Storage Room
Don’t store your makeup in the bathroom at home. Each time the toilet is flushed, bacteria is aerosolized and can be contaminating your makeup.