Tips For A Sexy Summer Body

  1. Rise and Exercise
    The Journal of Physiology says cardio in the morning, prior to any food intake, is more effective for weight loss and insulin control than any other time of day. So rise, shine, and exercise!

  2. Introduce Yourself to Induction
    To kick this beach body mission off, you must start with the induction phase. This means you have to eat foods with a glycemic index below 55, like oatmeal, pure vegetable, meat, fish, and poultry for two weeks. This will reverse insulin resistance and start you on your way to the desired end goal of that beach body. Insulin is the key to prevent fat storage.

  3. Less Alcohol…Less Weight
    Limit alcohol to the low glycemic types such as light beer & red wine.
    Stick with 1-2 a day and none during 2 week induction phase when you are training your body to strengthen your insulin.

  4. Control Those Carbs
    Keep an eye on and your mouth off of those simple carbohydrates like bread, cereals, potato chips, or anything with white flour. Keep the intake well below sugar 64. Big portions of this stuff lead to insulin resistance and the beginning of major weight gain

  5. Throw out your juicer
    When you throw any fruit or vegetable into a juicer, you remove all the important fiber, making it a simple carbohydrate. Blood sugars spike with juices, leading to insulin resistance…leading to weight gain.

By controlling your insulin with the above plan you will be on your way to that sexy beach body that will keep you in the surf and sand.